Find your ticket code

Your tickets were issued by Universe (tickets@universe.com) and you will find your ticket code(s) in the body of the confirmation email. If you placed multiple orders, you received multiple email confirmations. Each code contains 9 characters that can be used multiple times to register on the Hawkins Reunion website, so if you needed to replace a trooper, it will be fine to give their code to someone else.

Access your tickets on a phone

If you access your ticket(s) on your mobile, do not use the map in the ticket confirmation as it will not work. Some devices will attempt to direct you to an incorrect location and you risk not finding Hawkins.

Access your tickets in your Universe account

If you cannot find your email confirmation, you are able to download your tickets from your Universe account here: https://www.universe.com/dashboard/tickets. If you did not register for an account during checkout, you can still do this with the address you used to book your tickets.


Meeting Point & Arrival Time

Our Meeting Point is five minutes’ walk away from your final destination. You can find a map and a link to the meeting point in your Profile once you have registered, next to your chosen arrival time. Arrival times are subject to availability but can be changed once you have registered until all slots are fully booked. As leader of your troop, don’t forget to send the Hawkins High registration details to all other troopers.

Latest Arrival Times

It is important that you are not late to the Independence Day celebrations. If you arrive any later than the latest arrival times below, you may not be able to join at all:

  • Wednesday-Friday: 19:15
  • Saturday Matinee: 14:45
  • Saturday Evening: 20:15
  • Sunday: 18:15

End Times

You can find the end times for the Independence Day celebrations here below:

  • Wednesday: 21:30
  • Thursday: 21:30
  • Friday: 21:30
  • Saturday Matinee: 17:00
  • Saturday Evening: 22:30
  • Sunday: 20:30

Please Note: These times relate to performance, not the overall event length. The event will remain open for a period of time after the main performance, except on matinees.


There is no parking in or near Hawkins. All troopers must use public transport. In the event of a TFL-wide strike, our meeting point is within close distance of train and bus routes.



Hawkins has step-free access and offers access facilities. If you require a wheelchair or a walking aid for your journey, we recommend to contact your local Red Cross branch or NHS Centre about short-term loans or read more about the available services here.

No animals except guide dogs are admitted. If you are planning on attending with a guide dog, please contact access@secretcinema.org giving at least 48 hours notice. Our team will be able to assist you on your journey as well as help with any medical emergencies.


Don’t forget, this is not a seated experience. If you or someone in your troop has mobility issues, please contact us no later than 2 working days ahead of your trip.


Saturday Matinees

Troopers aged 15-17 can attend the Saturday Matinees accompanied by an Adult ticket holder. If you are a Young Person ticket holder, remember to bring your photo ID with you on the day (a passport, driving licence, or national ID card for example that shows your date of birth) to show on arrival.

Hawkins House Rules

Treat fellow troopers and everyone else in Hawkins with respect and refrain from violence of any kind. We do not condone inappropriate language or bad manners. Failure to comply with our house rules will result in your ejection.

Cameras, Phones, Recording Devices

If you have one of those fancy new mobile phones, it will be locked in a Yondr bag while you are in Hawkins. If you are seen to be using your device during this time, it will be confiscated and returned at the end. Leave your cameras and other recording devices at home or they will be confiscated on arrival and returned to you when you leave.

Storage/Coat Check

There will be a limited amount of small lockers for your use, allocated on a first come, first serve basis. You will be asked to carry large bags and suitcase for the duration of the celebrations. Don’t let anything weigh you down on the Fourth of July!

Prohibited Items

Do not bring weapons of any kind (including replicas), food and drink, or animals to Hawkins’ Independence Day celebrations These will be confiscated and may not be returned to you.

Food and Drink

A range of dishes and drinks will be available to purchase until half an hour before indicated end times. Options include vegan, dairy-, and gluten-free dishes. Please speak to the food traders if you have any intolerances or allergies.


Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is not permitted indoors. A designated smoking area is located in the outside areas and will be clearly signed.

Payment Methods

Only bank cards, contactless as well as chip and pin, are accepted. Don’t forget, Hawkins is a phone-free city and you won’t be able to access your device to make payments.

At the end of your trip to Hawkins

Leave quietly and swiftly after the big Independence Day celebrations to respect our neighbors.